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Sichuan will undertake tourist uncivilized behavior "take pictures" caution was exposed

Date: 2015-04-24

Have waste will go out to travel, hand carelessly throw, see trees and flowers to fold the two branches, see monuments to engrave "visit"... After this kind of behavior can be wrong, maybe side is the "soul" to take a photograph of you had a light.
20, the reporter understands from provincial tourism bureau, sichuan will develop tourist uncivilized behavior "take pictures" activity, supervise, exposure tourist uncivilized behavior. At the same time, the provincial tourism bureau and foreign affairs, public security, transportation and other members of the joint units transverse linkage, and uncivilized behavior in tourism record collection, coordinated action accountability for punishment, etc.
"In the future, will be led by the provincial tourism administration management office is responsible for civilization tourism, 'tourist uncivilized behavior records management work shall be borne by the province tourist association concrete, upper and lower linkage, manages concertedly, guide tourists travel civilization." The relevant person in charge of provincial tourism bureau, told reporters. It is understood that the province tourist association will carry out regional tourism activity "take pictures" uncivilized behavior, will case, photos, video and other exposure in the media focus, forming equivalent travel the strong atmosphere of uncivilized behavior. Of serious damage to the nation and national image, illegal tourist uncivilized behavior, will be scourged, in-depth, and take the initiative to coordinate related functional departments for processing in accordance with the law, timely disclosure of punishment measures and treatment results, through punishing tourist uncivilized behavior, to achieve the purpose of promoting civilization tourism.
Chengdu shangbao intern reporter Li Yanqin