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According to the report Chengdu People's Daily shopping is more and more love to convenient chain

Date: 2015-04-24

Daily shopping, do you like shopping supermarkets, or convenience store? After of the retail development in chengdu in 2014 report shows that chengdu convenient chain has been for two consecutive years become the highest growth rate among all chain retail enterprises. Residents' daily consumption, is convenient to pay attention to changes in "a few times to buy".
Food consumption
"Eating out" eat 48 billion a year
Convenient chain
Residents' propensity to consume a small amount to buy many times
Be worth what carry is, for the convenience of chain is the first time since 2013 after once again become the highest growth rate among all chain retail enterprise, significantly higher than the growth rate of department stores, supermarkets. "This suggests that residents' consumption patterns continue to shift, consumer pay attention to convenient, quick, small buy many times. At the same time also shows that for the convenience of scattered retail chain substitution process continues."
The electronic commerce
Nearly half of enterprise network marketing platform but net sales revenue accounted for only 2.7%
"On the one hand, shows that overall chengdu retail e-commerce sales are still without power, on the other hand shows that the growth of the online retail market is mainly composed of emerging enterprises or small carved up."
According to the report, because profit model is not clear, most enterprises of all channels to build only on the basis of online platform stage. Report points out that traditional enterprises urgently need to understand the emerging market competition law, establish a touch, and sensitive to the change of the market to find and cultivate professional electric business model to develop talent and talent market. In based on the existing advantage, on the basis of shift position, establish the position in emerging markets.
Chengdu commercial daily reporter bosnia-herzegovina