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300000 strains of the world's most popular flowers at Argo Become "the goat"

Date: 2015-04-24

On April 20, chengdu, sichuan news net news (reporter Made lamb Dai Luling) have you ever seen a formative flowers? Or is like an ostrich flowers? How many colors of flowers? Yesterday, the 13th the pan American seed show salween opened in chengdu. Show the world's most popular more than 30 basin (strains), over 600 varieties of designs and colors of product are scrambling to blossom, flowers and with its unique shape and landscape construction, attracted and about agriculture in southwest China, chengdu garden management department leadership, flower growers, landscape industry related to thousands of people visit the company.
It is understood that this exhibition is the first time held in China's southwest region world flower industry event. Organizers of the ornamental horticulture industry with the world of American Paul gardening group, through its in the advantage of new varieties, new technologies and marketing system, focus on in southwest China to demonstrate the application of the set and introduce, leading innovation, automated assembly line production as one of professional flower seedlings, for chengdu convex glass and even the entire southwest region layout file to upgrade to provide first-class quality hole tray seedlings of flowers, only the production of flower seedlings of 2014 reached 30 million strains, strongly promote the local development of flower industry and the farmers' income.