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Sichuan provincial intangible project Hubei vying "turnip" pickles production techniques

Date: 2015-04-24

Sichuan news net neijiang dispatch (reporter Long Yan) on April 19, one hundred years ago, suburban five LiAo (now in weiyuan town, west town) made of villagers pei-gen zhou family sauce sauce radish get the favour of nearby villagers. In the 1930 s, pei-gen zhou will sauce radish of skills to the son said zhou, zhou said the inherited his father on the basis of original system of sauce radish, turnip to make use of lever principle processing, folk has a lot of the unique flavor of the sauce radish. The villagers took weeks back home sauce radish dubbed, called "turnip".
Vying "turnip" town west sauce radish pickles is the unique technology, more than in one hundred, on the basis of traditional technology, scientifically make and become, crispy, sweet aftertaste, rich in a variety of vitamins and trace elements.
Vying "turnip" pickles using the raw material is "commend raw crisp like pear, cooked food such as taro" high-quality green radish, by weiyuan town, west town, and recalled their jurisdiction rong county area of carefully nurtured from the high quality sand, vying to famous scenic spots km "large and small old gentleman" mountain cliffs layers under natural seepage of longdong mineral water. Bai luobo into pickled storage pool, rinse desalination, squeeze dewatering, ingredients sauce is made and a series of process to produce unique flavor "turnip".
"Turnip" aqueous medium, flavors, taste delicious, crisp, continuous, radish nutrients intact, more satisfied people of low fat, low thermal food requirements. The product (a classic sichuan-style hot and spicy), maotai-flavor (northern flavor), cool sweet (south guangdong flavor) in three different flavors to satisfy different consumer demand for taste for packaging, its production process by specialists in 2001 by the department of sichuan province in the domestic leading level. In recent years, "turnip" terminal sales network all over the country more than 30 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government's domestic and international hypermarket, and ChuanHang, west airlines, shenzhen airlines, and other aviation market, and exported to the United States, Canada, Japan and other countries