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The first earthquake early warning China elevator in Chengdu is enabled

Date: 2015-04-22

China News Agencyon 21 April,Chengdu(He ShaoqingZhou Didi)reporter 21days fromChengduHi Tech Institute for disaster reductionwas informed that thefirstearthquake early warning,Chinaelevatorofficially started operationinchengdu.Theelevator in theearthquake affectedChengdu,canthe nearestfloor,elevator evacuationof passengers.

It is understood,is the world'sfirstelevatorChinaconsumption country,about 70% of theelevator installationin theearthquake zone.The Wenchuan earthquakeof sixhit49000 elevatorsin 20918damaged,thousands ofelevatorsscrappedor majorrepair.

"Before the arrival ofseismicwave,theearthquake early warning systemcan receiveinformation,generate thecontrol commandearthquake early warningnetwork."Key Laboratory,SichuanProvinceChengduhi tech mitigationof earthquake early warningresearch institute director Wang Tunintroduction,3 seconds totouch thewarning,the elevatorstopped at thefloor ofthe nearestinteger,avoid the elevatorhoveringbetween floors,to protect the safety of passengers.

Wang Tun pointed out that,once theelevatorinstallationis very difficult toimprove the seismic capacityof its own,but based on theearthquake early warning technology,in the earthquakedisaster mitigation measurestoseverely affectedelevatorlevelingisfeasible.

Earthquake early warning is theepicenter of the earthquake occurred in thedevastating earthquakewave,at theearly warningtarget,using the principleof seismic waves faster than,the disaster before the arrival oftens of seconds to give the alarmtechnology.Theoretical study shows that,if the warning time is 3 seconds,can reduce casualties by 14% comparedto 10 seconds;if,casualties by 39% compared.

At present,Chinesehas built 5400earthquake early warningstationsin31 provinces,covering 2100000 square kilometers,accounting forthe area ofearthquake early warninglinearea86%.Chinesecontinentalearthquake early warning systemhas been successfullywarning29 destructive earthquakes,noerrorand omission.(end)